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Is your home looking old and boring? Are your neighbors incessant? If yes, then you may find The Acreage, Florida the best place for you. With easy access to both country life and the bustle of the city, this community has something for everyone. Phillis Maniglia and his team of top realtors are ready to help you find your dream property. We’ve the best land consultants as part of our team, and they are up to date on everything real estate. Our knowledge of the local land for sale here in this lovely community means we know exactly the homes to present our customers. Our listing agents have provided many home-seekers with their dream homes, and we’ll be sure to help you find yours.

Community Dynamics for the Real Estate Investors

The Acreage is a unique community in many respects. Its optimal location in-between the more populous Miami area and the everglades makes it a sought-after destination. This community offers many homes, so our local realtors can definitely find you a place here. Some of the amenities the community offers are well-curated parks, local shops, and a beautiful library. We’ve an overarching love of nature here in our community, so residents are sure to take care of the environment. If you’re eager to save the environment, our real estate agents can find you a home close to like-minded residents.

Environmental Care in The Acreage

Here in our beautiful community, homeowners look out for everyone, including our non-human residents. We have many horse farms in our community and also a lot of wildlife. Our residents care immensely about animals as well as other individuals, especially as many own equestrian properties. Our community’s care for the environment manifests itself in many ways throughout the community. Our local library, for example, uses energy-conserving practices to help curb environmental damage and has charging places for energy-efficient vehicles. We truly care about our world in this community. Therefore if you care as well, Phillis Maniglia and his top realtors can help you find the perfect home.

Equestrian Real Estate

The Acreage does not only offer homes for us, humans, though, it also offers equestrian homes. We have an overarching love of animals in this community, which extends to our real estate. If you want a home with accommodations for your horses, our local realtors can give you exactly what you need. Our horse farms provide the best place for your equestrian friends, and our community is optimal for these animals. We’ve dirt roads that are easy on horses’ hooves. There you can find places to hitch your horses in many public areas. Our equestrian properties are the best places for your horses and our land consultants can help you find the perfect home.

Why Phillis Maniglia Real Estate?

We at Phillis Maniglia are dedicated to bringing you the best in real estate. Our listing agents are prepared to find you the best land for sale. Real estate agents at our company can bring you the best properties and equestrian homes. Contact us today to find your dream home at the Acreage.